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About Us

YouWorld is a tech-solution provider which drives foot traffic and sales to stores by enabling customers to purchase e-gift cards using their native mobile payment and currency.  

Our technology allows easy implementation of Chinese mobile payments, requires no workflow changes for retailers, and ensures zero fraud. Our solution delivers a native shopping experience and points/cashback for local and traveling Chinese customers. We help brands reach high value customers and guarantee store visits that generate $3M+ monthly sales.


We believe that the meaning of international travel is not only to appreciate the scenery on the other side of the world, but also to experience the unique local culture first-hand. Driven by this concept, YouWorld makes the journey of exploring the world "just go" no longer just unconfident willfulness. During the journey, YouWorld presents you with relevant content in the itinerary through the app you are most accustomed to using. During the journey, participate in the special experience anytime and anywhere according to the current mood, and follow your heart - create unique memories that are exclusive to you during the journey.


About Us



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