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YouWorld Refund Policy


Refund Policy


Refund process

1.To request a refund: Go to Order History → Order Details → Apply for a Refund.

2.After request of a refund: We will evaluate your request pursuant to YouWorld Refund Policy. You’ll usually get a decision within 72 hours.

3.Once review is done: You can see the updated status of the refund application in the system.

  • Successful refund: payment will be refunded to your original payment account within 7 business days.

  • Rejected refund: you can review Reason for Rejection in the system.

*YouWorld reserves the right of final interpretation of the Refund Policy.



NO.1 You can request a refund for any system delay causes delay in issuance of your gift card (for more than 10 minutes). In such cases, a refund must be requested within 24 hours. You must contact the customer service to provide the screenshot proofing delayed issuance.

NO.2 A VIP customer eligible for VIP discounts purchases Gift cards at the original price can request a refund for the difference in price. In such cases, a refund must be requested within 14 business days. 


NO.1 Gift card issued more than 24 hours

If the gift card you need to refund has been issued more than 24 hours when you apply for a refund, no refund will be given.

NO.2 Gift card has been marked for use

When approved by the MyPay system, the official interface of the brand will be called to check the usage of the gift card. If the gift card has been officially marked as "used" by the brand, no refund will be given.

Under what circumstances will the brand official mark the gift card as "used":

  • The order you placed with the gift card has entered "PROCESSING" (that is, the order processing process), the gift card will be marked as "used". In this case, even if the order is cancelled, the gift card cannot be refunded;

  • If you have successfully purchased items with this gift card, the gift card will be marked as "used". In such cases, the gift card cannot be refunded in the event of a return or exchange.

NO.3  Insufficient gift card amount

If your gift card has already been used for some or all of the gift card balance (that is, not the balance amount at the time the gift card was issued) no refund will be given.

NO.4 GThe purchased gift card is a fixed value gift card or a special gift card

Value-added gift cards purchased in the "Pay Me" applet are not refundable (eg Macys, Bloomingdale, Belk, etc.). There are also special non-refundable gift cards, such as Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, which are non-refundable after purchase.

⚠️ Such gift cards are clearly marked on the purchase page as non-refundable, please purchase with caution.

NO.5 The number of refunds for more than one month

According to "pay by me", platinum and diamond VIPs can have 2 successful refunds within 30 days after meeting the approval conditions. Volkswagen and Gold VIPs have 1 successful refund within 30 days after meeting the approval conditions. No refunds will be given for more than the specified number of times within 30 days.

NO.6 Buy the wrong gift card brand or buy the wrong gift card amount

In the "Pay by Me" applet "Payment Confirmation Page", you need to carefully check the "Gift Card Brand", "Gift Card Amount", "Gift Card Discount" and other information before making payment. Once checked and pulled up and the payment is completed, the Mini Program will not refund any questions or errors caused by the above-checked information.


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