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Connect to Global 

Shoppers via

Mobile Wallets

YouWorld is a fintech solution that enables native payment and currency via gift cards


How It Works

We drive foot traffic and sales to stores by enabling customers to purchase e-gift cards using their native mobile payment and currency. 

Shop online or in stores

Purchase gift card on YouWorld using WeChat Pay or Alipay

Input gift card information to complete payment

Receive points or cashback for your purchase!


YouWorld is a Next-Gen Payment Solution 

with a modern User Experience

No Integrations or Workflow Changes

We enable the transformation of e-gift cards into payment rails, so retailers can accept mobile payments with no integrations or workflow changes.

Zero Fraud Guarantee

WeChat Pay and Alipay require users to verify their identity via biometrics such as fingerprint, facial recognition and voice recognition to authorize a payment.

Native Currency, Customer Experience

YouWorld enables customers to use their native shopping currency and experience creating seamless customer journeys.




Personal Product Hunters

Reach Targeted Audience Through Cash Back Incentives

Our solution addresses current challenges such as unfavorable currency exchange, limited access to large amounts of cash and lack of mobile acceptance among retailers.

Retailer Benefits

Promotes native shopping and payment experience for local and Chinese customers who receive points/cash back on purchases. 

Implement Chinese mobile payment acceptance with no workflow changes or fraud

Reach high value customers who create $3M+ monthly on-the-spot sales for their clients.

Guaranteed visit via pre-purchased gift-cards.



YouWorld is a tech-solution provider which drives foot traffic and sales to stores by enabling customers to purchase e-gift cards using their native mobile payment and currency.  

Our technology allows easy implementation of Chinese mobile payments, requires no workflow changes for retailers, and ensures zero fraud. Our solution delivers a native shopping experience and points/cashback for local and traveling Chinese customers. We help brands reach high value customers and guarantee store visits that generate $3M+ monthly sales.




June 1, 2020

Key Takeaways from the Webinar ‘Decoding Daigou: China’s New Social Commerce’

Jing Daily, CLA, and YouWorld co-hosted a webinar on the rise of social selling in China and its impact on cross-border e-commerce in a post-COVID-19 world. 


May 15, 2020

Prospects for US-China X-Border Mobile Commerce. Featuring Bo Wang – Founder and CEO, You World

On this week's episode of Fin-Tech Friday, Bo Wang shares his insights on when we can expect US, China and cross border trade to get back to normal.


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